Our Projects

So you attend the Last Lap Lime every year..... and you know that 5 schools share the profit.....and you wonder...what does St. Rose’s do with their share and outside of the Lime activities...well...

Here are a few projects completed over the years.....some in conjunction with our New York Sister Chapter....
• Refurbished washrooms
• Refurbished science labs (Physics/ Biology / Chemistry) – Joint with NY Chapter
• Furnished science labs with all equipment
• Refurbished and furnished domestic science lab
• Granted bursaries
• Provided *back packs filled with student supplies for 10 students as recommended by Principal
• Pay salary for custodian alternating with NY Chapter - Ongoing
• Purchased computer desks and chairs for new computer lab
• Ship books for school library - Ongoing
• Purchased sports equipment
• Purchased photocopier
• Purchased combination desks and chairs
• Purchased stools and technical drawing tables
• Stools for labs
• Salary paid for most of academic year of 2012 for a trained Counsellor – one time only
• Communicate frequently with our Board of Governors and the school Principal to prioritize requests made by and for school and students
• Adhoc requests by school – ongoing
• Maintain communication with our NY Chapter for the betterment of the school
*The Backpack project is a non profit organization that purchases and ships these Backpacks on our behalf with our financial support and help in packing.
Soooo....what else do we do...

• April – host a games evening to raise funds for St. Anne’s and St. John’s Orphanages
• September – Annual Reunion Brunch
• November – Annual Fundraiser Pre- Christmas dance
• Meet monthly at homes of committee members who kindly host the evening
• Meet whenever necessary to fold, stuff, stamp and mail newlsetter
• Fulfill a Last Lap Lime commitment to donate a designated amount to a charity of choice (Tropicana, Herbie fund, Womens’ shelter)
And how do the students feel......well here are some comments.....
• “from the upcoming programmers and aspiring digital graphic artists of St. Rose’s High School. THANKS A MILLION to you, the Alumni Chapter for this extraordinary addition to our school.”
• “I wish to thank you for all your heartfelt donations and for living up to this school motto which you once called your own and of which I now call mine-“Serviam”. You are an inspiration to us”